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Article I - Purpose

  1.  Bay Aire Activities Committee is established to arrange activities and events for the enjoyment and fellowship of the residents of Bay Aire RV Park.
  2. All residents of the Park are eligible to be members of the Activities Committee.  However, the Committee will be composed of those residents who regularly attend the Monday morning meetings following the Park Coffee Social.

Article II – Committee Activities

  1. Elect Officers to include Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Treasurer, and Secretary.
  2. Vote on all issues brought before the Committee at any regularly scheduled meeting.
    1. Simple majority vote is the rule. (Exception, See Article VIII, No. 2).
  3. Approve all disbursements of funds made by the Treasurer prior to payout.
    1. Treasurer has discretionary privilege up to $50.00.
  4. Approve all events and their content in advance, including estimated cost of project, price of tickets, and form of event.
    1. Consistency is the rule over all similar type of events.

Article III – Rules of Election

  1. Officer to be nominated from the floor at a regularly scheduled meeting of the Activities Committee.
    1. Term of Election – One (1) year – from April to March.
    2. Election by simple majority vote.
    3. Election to be held in March of each year.
  2. Consecutive terms are permissible as long as voted on at a regularly scheduled Committee Meeting.
  3. Vice Chairperson is presumed to succeed Chairperson the following year for the purpose of continuity.
  4. Vacancy in any elected office must be filled at a regular Activities committee meeting as soon as possible following the vacancy.

Article IV – Officers Responsibilities

  1. Chairperson
    1. Preside over all Activities Committee Meetings.
    2. Act as liaison between Activities Committee and Park Management.
    3. May cancel regularly scheduled meetings where circumstances warrant.
    4. Appoint Audit Committee of three (3) Activities Committee members each year.

  1. Vice Chairperson
    1. Assume all responsibilities of the Chairperson in his/her absence.
    2. Assume full title of Chairperson in the event the position is vacated for any reason.
    3. Ascend to position of Chairperson the following year as outlined in Article III, sec. 3.

  1. Treasurer
    1. In charge of all financial activity and financial accounts related to the Activities Committee.
    2. Produce monthly statements of account position, and weekly checkbook balance to the Activities Committee.
    3. To the extent possible, provide financial information from similar events in the past to review when considering like events at Activities Committee meetings.
    4. Control all requests for expenditures and reimbursements.
      1. No funds shall be disbursed to anyone without a receipt.
      2. Pay only those funds approved by the Activities Committee.
        1. Discretionary privileges up to $50.00.
      3. Provide auditors with all financial records upon their request.
      4. In the absence the Treasurer from April to November, the Social Committee may appoint an official to perform the duties of the Treasurer.

  1. Secretary
    1. Provide Minutes of all Activity Committee Meetings.
    2. Provide weekly newsletter and monthly events calendar.
      1. These services may be done by a person other than the Secretary at the discretion of the Chairperson.

Article V – Activities Committee Events

  1. Activities Committee
    1. Establish requirements/guidelines for the conduct of all events (Article II.4).
    2. Event capacity limits are:
      1. Dances – One hundred four (104) tickets
      2. Dinners – One hundred twenty (120) tickets
      3. Appoint Event Chairperson.
      4. Tickets may be sold to people outside the Park 5 days before the event at a donation higher than what is paid by Park members (Price of ticket to be determined by the event coordinator).  Outside guests will be sponsored by a Park Resident and limited one (1) couple per Park Resident.
      5. Maintain a consistent set of guidelines for all similar type events.

  1. Event Chairperson
    1. In charge of implementing an event as approved by the Activities Committee.
    2. Select a sub-committee to conduct event.
    3. Works directly with Treasurer to provide financial support for the event.
    4. Purchase decorations, supplies, as necessary with prior approval of the Activities Committee.
    5. Liaison with entertainment provider, and is to be “contact name” on event contract.
    6. Full accounting disclosure to Treasurer within one week of conclusion of event.
    7. For Park Management support see Article IV, Sec. 1, No. b.

Article VI – Miscellaneous Activities Committee Obligations

  1. The Activities Committee shall support Park Management functions such as the Hot Dog Socials from time to time.  A criteria for this service is that the event has a benefit to the Park resident population.  The Activities Committee need not be in charge of the event.

Article VII – Audit Committee

  1. Review and Validate all Treasurer accounting records during the first week of April each year or at such time as the Activities Committee deems necessary.
  2. Issue a report to the Chairperson regarding the findings of their review.
  3. Present a report to the Activities Committee at the next regularly scheduled meeting.

Article VIII – By-Law Amendment Procedures

  1. Proposals for amendment must be presented to the Activities Committee from the floor at a regularly scheduled meeting.
    1. Proposal by simple majority vote.
  2. Formal vote for adoption of the change must:
    1. Pass by two-thirds (2/3) majority.
    2. Must stand a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote for two (2) consecutive Activities Committee meetings.

Read, reviewed, and passed unanimously on December 8th, 2008.

Chairperson:  Ruthan L Sparks

Co-Chairperson:  AC Williams

Treasurer:  Alan Kamphuis

Secretary:  Shirley Wallace

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