Bay Aire RV Park
                        Office Hours: Mon - Sat 9am-5pm  Lunch 12-1pm
                                                        Sundays Closed

                                        2242 Alt 19
                                  Palm Harbor, Florida 34683

                         Office Number  727-784-4082
                           Fax Number: 727-785-9698


Volunteers Needed

Help is always needed to keep activities running smoothly. If you would like to donate some of your time to help with activities, contact the social committee or attend a Social Committee meeting by staying in the Rec Hall after the Monday morning coffee hour.  Without you giving your help, the activities and events at Bay Aire RV Park would not be possible. The more helpers, the less work for each of us.  We hope you will take time to help us make sure everyone enjoys their winter in the park.
Set Up - Help is always needed to set-up the rec hall before an event or dinner. Tables are arranged by consulting the the person who has volunteered to chair that particular event. If it is a dance it may require part of the tables to be taken and down and chairs rearranged. It may be an event that requires tables and chairs to be moved in another direction. If you think this is something you may not mind helping with let us know an we will add you to list of people who would like to help with setting up.
Take Down - Help is also needed to put tables, chairs and other furniture back in place after an event or dinner. Instruction on how to place furniture will come from the person who has volunteered to chair the event. He or she will consult with park staff to see what event follows and how things should be placed for the next day. If you have a little free time to help with taking down after an event please let someone know so arrangements can be made in advance to assure adequate help.
Cooks - Helpers are needed for cooking for different events such as breakfasts, dinners, and parties. If you would like to help with cooking for a large crowd be sure to let someone on the committee know.  
Table Clearing - Volunteers are needed to help clear the salt, pepper, creamer, etc., and table clothes off the tables after a breakfast or dinner. If you would like to help, please let the social committee know so they can call on you when needed. 
Dishwashers - Help is always needed at various times to support the activities in the park that include a meal.  If you don't mind getting your hands in the water this might be for you. Your job along with other volunteers will be to help wash, dry, and put away any pots, pans, or utensils that are used to prepare, cook, or serve a meal. You are not responsible for dishes the campers bring with them to eat on. Those dishes can be done after clean up is finished or at their own trailer.
Servers - Help is used for any meals that are for the campers in the campground such as pancake breakfasts, potlucks, ice cream socials, pizza parties, etc. If you can help by serving at a meal please contact the Social Committee and let them know. All help is appreciated.
Decorations - Special Occasions usually include decorations. There is always a need for volunteers to help with decorating the club house for a special dinner or occasion. If you would like to help the committee chair with decorating please let the social committee know so they can call on you as needed.
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